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    How much does prada and chanel cost?
    So my friend got a leather prada purse and a leather chanel tote, and we where wondering how much it costs?:) thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Well Prada purses are typically 00+ and Chanel totes are around 00+
      They're VERY expensive.

    How much would a Prada Milano Dal 1913 purse would cost?
    I bought a purse but i want to know the original price of it.But i cant find the price on here and i couldn't find cause it a brown bag.

    • ANSWER:
      Did it look like... This?

      And I looked up Prada Milano Dal 1913 purse brown original cost and this is what I found:

      And ebay:
      One sold for .00
      Another sold for nothing cuz no one bidded.

      Did it help?

    How much for a leather prada purse and leather chanel tote.?
    So my friend got a leather prada purse and a leather chanel tote,both from fall or spring 2008 and we where wondering how much it costs? thanks!:)

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends on the wear and tear of the purses.
      I would probably say they are worth anywhere from half to three fourths of what you bought it for.

    I bought a Prada, Milano Red cloth with leather straps and lots of silver snaps, how much did it cost original?
    How much did it cost if it is a real Prada purse? I paid at a thrift shop.

    • ANSWER:
      maybe 30

    Besides the price, how can you tell the difference between a real designer purse and a fake one?
    I ask b/c I went to Chinatown and Canal Street in New York and I bought a lot of fake Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coach...ect purses for like 15-35 dollars each. They look real and I know they're fake or whatever, but how can the eye decifer if it's phony just by appearance?
    For some people on here who commented: I don't give a hot damn if people knew it was a fake. I am NOT trying to fool anyone! I told everyone that it was a fake and I got it for . I wouldn't ever spend my friggin 2 weeks' paycheck on a 0 designer purse, even if I was Bill Gates' daughter. That's a waste of money. You might as well flush that cash down the toilet, b/c look! 10 years down the line another French guy will come up w/ a purse that will put Louis Vuitton to shame. You must have the wrong person, sweetheart.

    • ANSWER:
      It gets harder and harder to tell.

      Now, some copies have serial numbers, have authentication tags... the whole lot. And, they are PERFECT copies.

      In the old days you could compare the difference in colour, lining, sewing quality, authentication tags, serial numbers, imprints of logos.

      But nowadays, really you cannot tell with the naked eye.

      Probably, in New York, the fake purses there are still very primative. I'd say, looking at the simple differences will tell you.

      Look for low quality leather or plastic. Look for uneven linings and linigns that are not sew straight. look at the sewing. See if it is tight and straight. Ensure the logos are imprinted into the bag. Make sure that the symbols on the lining of the bag are actually the right ones and are supposed to be there. Check for the right number of inside pickets and a good zipper. Scratch the outside to see if the fabric changes colour.

      However, in asian countries... the purses are so good, the experts cannot tell them apart. The only way is if you find two more more purses with the same serial number.

      In reality, it does not cost very much to sew a good purse. You mainly pay for the brand markup and expensive labour. So, if a knock off is sewn to "perfection" and there's no mark up, you'd still pay a TON less. This is especially true when labour in some asian countries are so cheap. Cheap does not mean NOT GOOD.

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