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    How can I tell if may Gucci purse is real?
    I had a Gucci purse given to me second hand, and I was wondering if it is real because inside it has the little circled r rights reserved thing and imprinted is made in italy. However there is no serial number! The stitching looks quite good but can it be real Gucci if there is no serial number? I am asking because I am going to sell it! Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Gucci handbags are exquisite, priceless items created by the world-renowned designer of the same name. Imitators are aware of this, as well as the fact that women love bargains. That s why Gucci handbags are some of counterfeiters favorite things to copy. How does one differentiate a replica Gucci handbag from the real thing?

      Replica Gucci Handbags Don t Measure Up

      One way to know an authentic Gucci handbag from a replica Gucci handbag is to examine the handbag's workmanship. The quality of the Gucci bag is unmistakable. Attention to detail so as to approximate perfection during manufacture is one of its hallmarks. The lining in a replica Gucci handbag won t be nearly as impeccable. Replica Gucci handbags tend to miss out on some important but unnoticeable detail, such as the Gucci brand name signature.

      Each zipper of an authentic Gucci handbag will bear the initials of the designer. Inside the bag is to be found an inscription with such details as how and where the bag was manufactured. Some Gucci handbags have a serial number attached to them. This number indicates that the bag is an original product. It should be identical to the one on the certificate of authenticity, which accompanies the handbag. A replica Gucci handbag won't have a serial number or a certificate of authenticity to attest to its legitimate origin.

      Durable Makes Sound Economic Sense

      Durability is a given in any Gucci handbag. If you own an authentic Gucci handbag instead of a replica Gucci handbag, it will almost certainly be around a long time and will look as good as new when you retire it, as long as you ve taken good care of it. Buying a designer bag like Gucci is a sound investment for women. Bags are prized possessions for most of us. In it we carry some personal belongings we cannot do without in a day. We love to be seen with a handsome bag. They really do make us good-looking and fashionable.

      Replica Gucci handbags may seem to cost you less initially, but in the end you may spend more. The reason is that imitations won t last as long as originals, forcing you to buy a replacement not long after you ve bought the first one.

      Beware of replica Gucci handbags, and of being duped into buying one. You have greater assurance of genuineness if you purchase your Gucci handbag from authorized dealers that issue certificates of authenticity, and who are as real about their customer service as the Gucci handbags they sell.

    How can I distinguish a real from a fake gucci bag?
    My fiances friend is trying to get her to buy a gucci hand bag off her but I want to make shure she dosen't get hustle...
    My fiances friend is trying to get her to buy a gucci handbag but I want to make shure she dosen't get hustle...
    My fiances friend is trying to sell her a gucci handbag but I want to make sure she dosen't get hustled...

    • ANSWER:
      Hope the guide below helps!

      Gucci Leather Cuts- Look closely at the cut of the leather especially around the interior zippered pocket if the particular item has that feature. The cut should be exact all the way around the pocket. The length between the stitching and the edge of the leather should by the same all the way around as well. Any other leather cuts, such as the leather tabs that support the D rings on some of the Gucci styles, should also be quite perfect. Sloppy leather cuts are not acceptable.

      Gucci Controllato Card- This card, present with all Gucci products, really doesn t help distinguish an authentic piece because it doesn t contain a serial number or other marking unique to the bag to which it accompanies. The only thing to look for here is that the card itself is correct in font and placement of the words. Gucci is always in all capitals letters, GUCCI , and is centered at the top of the card in a dark grey background. Underneath that in a white background is the word. controllato in all lower case letters. Again, this word is centered on the card. Underneath controllato are the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. The back of the card is blank.

      Gucci Care Card- The only other item that accompanies each piece is a three-panel folding care card. GUCCI is on the front. When the card is opened, care instructions appear from left to right on the 3 interior panels first in Italian, then French, then Chinese (dialect unknown by this author). Care instructions appear in English on the backside of the Chinese panel. There is also Gucci care card with Italian first, English next, French third and two Eastern languages on the back of the French.

      Gucci Dust Bag - there are two versions of the Gucci dust bag. Both have drawstring closures. The first is a blend of materials with a satin feel and sheen. The print on the bag is the GG logo with the second G upside down. It is dark brown in color. The interior of this bag has the same print but has a cotton feel. Look at the interior tag stitched into the lining. It is a white tag and should say GUCCI made in italy 63% vl 37% pl , representing the blend of materials of the dust bag. The second dust bag is a solid light brown in color with GUCCI in gold across the front. The interior tag is black and says GUCCI made in italy , in a blue/grey color on the front, and 100% COTONE COTTON on the back of the tag.

      Gucci Serial Number Tag - Here is the only distinguishing feature unique to each Gucci piece. There is always a leather tag on the interior of the bag just below the interior zippered pocket if the bag has such a pocket. If it doesn t have an interior pocket this tag is still stitched where an interior pocket would typically be. At the top of the tag is the symbol . Below that it says "GUCCI", and below that, "made in italy". The tag itself is leather and the color is the same as the leather finishing that is typical in a Gucci item. On the back of the tag is the style/model number and a 4 or 6 digit serial number. This is all stamped into the leather.

      Gucci Zippers- Simply make sure the zippers are sewn in straight and work properly. Note- On some Gucci bags, such as the Crescent Bag where the zipper follows the contour of the design in a half moon shape, the zipper is quite difficult to open and close all the way.

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    Any online store or store selling designer hand bags?
    I LOVE juicy couture bags but can't afford them.A lot of people get like gucci bags and other desinger bags at places like marshalls or something can anyone send me a site were i can find cheap desgner bags?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you looking for authentic designer bags or knock-offs? :-)
      Authentic bags can be quite expensive, another way to go is to buy them second-hand :-) I bought my Chanel purse and 2 LV purses this way and am very happy with them :-)
      Here're 2 websites that sell only authentic, second-hand designer handbags :-) (I bought my Chanel from the first one and my LV's from the second) :-) They're My Poupette-recommended, which means that they're only selling "the real thing" and no knock-offs :-)

      Here's also the link to My Poupette:

      Hope this helps a little! :-)

    How can you tell the difference between a fake designer bag and a real one?
    Designer names like: coach, gucci, dolce and Gabbana, and dooney?

    • ANSWER:
      Look inside for the logo. Check the zippers, if they carry a different name than of the brand, then its fake.
      Check the seams (where its sewn together) if the finish isn't neatly done, then its mostly a fake.
      I heard bags such as LV carry an item number hidden within the bag. I just haven't seen one of sure.
      Also, you can go to the actual stores that sell these bags and ask the sales clerks how you can differentiate the fake ones from the original ones.
      Try checking the lining as well and see if the bag comes with its original packaging as well.
      If you are planning of buying a second hand bag, ask the person selling if he or she has managed to keep the receipt, just in case. Some people do manage to keep the OR (official receipt).
      You can also go online and check with their websites as well.

    How to spot an authentic designer handbag.?
    i purchased a tory burch bag at a second hand store in the upscale area of town. it was 10 dollars. how should i be able to tell if its real. do they have serial numbers or distinguishing characteristics.

    • ANSWER:
      gucci lol

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